The Beginning

When the prophecy was made over my life about writing a book which was over 5 years ago, I totally dismissed it. I remembered it was a night after choir rehearsal and my worship director Minister Kim Griffith and I were having a conversation outside on the front step. She said to me “Verrecia you need to write a book, your life is a testimony that will draw others closer to the Kingdom. There are people out there that need your help, don't take it for granted.” I laughed because I saw myself as a minority who could I possibly be an influence to? Me? Verrecia? No way! Not me! On ending the conversation, I said to her jokingly, probably I can call it “all behind the makeup” she said “you know what? That is an excellent title, it fits perfectly. I am serious Verrecia, do you see how you carry yourself? Always dressed nicely, I would love a pair of those shoes I see you wearing but I am not sure if I can walk in them, your face is always laid and you are always smiling no one can never tell how you are truly feeling on the inside because it never shows, think it over sis, they are lots of other people out there who are experiencing the same things that you are but they just do not know how to keep themselves together like how you do. You can be an inspiration to them”
Over the years the thought about writing the book kept coming to me but I dismissed the idea each time. I came to Canada on October 23rd 2019 and the thought of this book was completely out of my mind, nevertheless, it was on the 9th of April 2020 when I was sound asleep I was awaken by a voice “all behind the makeup” I rolled over to the other side and I pull my blanket a little closer covering my ears, again I heard the same voice “all behind the makeup” I jumped out of my bed and I sat down and said to myself, now can never be the time to write a book I am not even in my country, how would I be able to get this done? I don’t know anything about starting any ministry. Where would I even begin? It was right there and then I knew it was the voice of the Lord.
The following day I tried to do an outline but I was in a back and forth argument with the Lord. I said “God I came to Canada with the sole purpose of getting an income to help me clean up my debt at home and to be able to look after my kids and here it is now I barely have a few hours of work because of this lockdown, I don’t even have enough to send for my kids and You want me to write a book?” Hmmmm, as time passed I realized that the words began to flow freely there was never a tim was e I had to sprain my brain as what I should write even in my sleep I heard the Holy Spirit talking in my subconscious and at those times I would get up from my sleep and put pen to paper so I wouldn’t forget but I will still doubting as to how I will get it published.
I began to feel discouraged because I was researching online how to go about publishing my work and all the costs included prices that were in the thousands which was way past my head. There was absolutely no way I could afford to get this done in my financial state so for two weeks I back in debating mode, arguing with God in my spirit and fretting with him about all of my disappointments and shortcomings throughout the years, and in those two weeks I wrote nothing. I did everything else except what the Lord was telling me to do. I watched sermon after sermon, listen to song after song, I even started to read the Sunday school manual that I got from my new church, RCCG Throne of Grace Richmond Hill, ON.
During those two weeks. One of the sisters from church gave me a call, I was shocked because of all the times I called and messaged her I never received a response. She sought to find out what I was up to since we last saw each other so I told her I started to write a book but wasn’t sure if I should do it. Ms. Ariyike Akinbobola spent 30 – 45 mins on the phone convincing me with every reason as to why I should be writing this book. She was like “Girl what are you talking about this is the best time of your life to be writing a book do you know how many lives will be impacted by your story? Lives will be touched and changed, but you need to make a start and be consistent, also you need to get a YouTube channel going, your book doesn’t need to be complete either, just make the first step forward. You don’t need to even know how the book will be published, when that time comes everything will sort itself out. ” I would not say that I ignored her, but I was still indecisive, later that night after watching a TD Jake’s sermon I settled myself into bed. I tossed and I turned, that same small voice was ever present, “ when are you going to humble yourself, come down from the pedestal you are on and finish the assignment I have given you?” I got up right away and I got back to work. On the 26th of August 2020, Behind the Makeup was published.

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